CBD coffee review

Can CBD Coffee be harmful? The popularity of marijuana is growing very quickly around the world, and there are so many people, who drink coffee every day. This means that it’s a time when caffeine and cannabis come together as a kind of a supplement for everyday life. Special stores in the United States already have coffee products with cannabis for sale. It sounds delicious, but many people are afraid of buying it to combine the opposites. After all, caffeine is a stimulant, and marijuana is pretty much a sedative.

There is currently not enough data on this issue to say what happens when we drink CBD infused ground coffee. Nevertheless, it is already possible to sum up the interim results and reviews and draw some conclusions.

Benefits of CBD coffee

As you might guess, there is not a lot of scientific research on this issue. Doctor Scott Krakouer, an assistant of a psychiatry department head at a Zucker Hills hospital in New York, believes that a combination of these remedy can cause complications.

Dr. Krakouer said in an interview with LiveScience that while being used simultaneously, cannabis and caffeine “can mix neurochemically”, having a different effect on the body than when consumed separately. Many marijuana consumers believe that caffeine may not allow them to relax fully, but this assumption has no evidence.

Both products can multiply certain properties of each other, giving a consumer a sense of coherence and drowsiness at the same time. Both are known to increase heart rate, so when caffeine is mixed with the psychoactive element of marijuana, THC, the feeling of paranoia or anxiety may increase.

But some inquisitive researchers say that caffeine has the opposite effect on THC, potentially making it more enjoyable. In 2011, during an independent study, researchers gave squirrels and monkeys the same dose of THC and caffeine. They concluded that caffeine enhances the psychoactive effect, so less THC is required to achieve the same condition. Products such as caffeine increase the effect of threshold doses of THC, causing a strengthening effect.

Many people enjoy a combination of caffeine and marijuana. This is because both of them stimulate dopamine neurons in the brain. Releasing dopamine will enhance its effect with the help of caffeine and relieves pain.

CBD coffee facts

People have been trying to mix coffee and marijuana for a long time: coffee accelerates, invigorates and enhances the effect of CBD, although this cocktail has some drawbacks. In some places where marijuana is legalized, there is a ban on mixing it with alcohol, so cannabis is not sold in bars. So, coffee shops started to have an open trade, and we can look at their experience and analyze it.

CBD infused coffee enhances the THC effect twice

Ideally, coffee and cannabis relieve the negative effects of each other and enhance the positive ones. These effects are more common among people who consume CBD coffee pods simultaneously than among those who do it separately;

Coffee suppresses endocannabinoid chemicals, and smoking marijuana stimulates them. So, combined effects are not always obvious: probably, it depends on the right dose for each person. Therefore, the first unpleasant experience does not mean that a combination of cannabis and coffee does not suit you. Perhaps, you should just change their ratio.

Both caffeine and THC increase heart rate. Countries, where cannabis is legalized, prefer to carry out additional checks of these products and, possibly, issue new labeling requirements that inform consumers about the ratio of coffee with CBD (we are talking about branded drinks and products that contain both caffeine and THC). Check your pulse and start with small doses to understand your body reactions.

CBD Coffee
Can i put CBD oil in my coffee?

The effect of consuming caffeine and THC separately is more or less studied (though not completely), but their combined effect is not fully clear yet. Adding caffeine to the mix brings a whole new stage for experiments, which can lead to the fact that the effect will be significantly stronger than expected.

What is CBD coffee effects?

It seems like it all depends on individual tolerance of each substance, when combining caffeine with marijuana. Coffee and cannabis can speed up the heart rate and cause paranoia among those who consume them occasionally or accidentally, while an everyday coffee drinker will just enjoy a more energetic and vigorous effect from THC.

Is CBD coffee legal?

Unlike marijuana, caffeine is chemically addictive, yet many people in developed countries drink it. For example, cannabis is legal in Denver, USA, and many people there combine it with coffee.

In general, cannabis and coffee is a promising combination. After all, consuming them simultaneously allows you to relax and feel a surge of strength.

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