Eco Slim tablets for quick and safe weight loss

Eco Slim: за бързо и безопасно отслабване

Eco Slim tablets is an innovative biologically active food supplement for weight correction allowing to lose 35–45 lbs. It is made from all-natural botanic ingredients grown in organic farms of Brazil and Peru. It took American nutrition experts over 5 years to develop the product! The active formula of Eco Slim was awarded 3 certificates of quality and efficiency!

  • Made in USA
  • Recommended for the treatment of all degrees of obesity. It suits everyone who wishes to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and improve the digestive system.
  • Additional useful properties: provides the body with vitamins A, E, C, PP; eliminates toxins and free radicals; act on the subcutaneous tissue (combats cellulite).
  • Recommended treatment duration: from 1 to 3 months
Eco Slim tablets for quick and safe weight loss

Top 5 features of the biologically active supplement

  • 100% herbal formula. The formula took 5 years to develop. During this time, experts looked for a perfect combination of components to ensure an effective and safe weight loss. Experts have succeeded: Eco Slim is an unparalleled product!
  • Suppresses hunger for 5 hours. Even if you are a big fan of pastries, burgers, and French fries, 1 tablet will make you forget your destructive passions for the sake of a slim body!
  • No nausea or dizziness! Unlike other weight loss products, Eco Slim does not cause any side effects. It has undergone 4 clinical trials!
  • Eliminates cellulite. Combined with chitosan, succinic acid relieves inflammation in subcutaneous tissue and PREVENTS mutations of fatty molecules!
  • Has a pleasant taste and aroma! These weight loss are not only healthy but also incredibly delicious!

One-of-a-kind mechanism of action

Eco Slim is produced in the form of effervescent tablets for better absorption by the body and quick results. Ordinary pills take from 1 to 2 hours to be absorbed by the body while effervescent tablets start absorbing into the mucous membranes as soon as they enter the mouth.

The primary effect of the product is fat burning. Additionally, chitosan reduces appetite (you will eat 2 times less!), succinic acid eliminates cellulite, L-carnitine gives an energy boost for 24 hours. The product’s components reinforce each other’s action. As a result, the effectiveness of the dietary supplement is twice as effective as other weight loss methods.

According to the results of clinical trials, Eco Slim was recognized as the safest dietary supplement in Europe and the United States! The product is currently available in 15 countries of the world!

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and workouts?

In fact, you don’t need physical exercise. Stable weight loss guaranteed without regular gym visits. But if you want to trade the existing fat for muscle, this would require daily workouts! In 1-2 months, you will get a slim and shapely body!

One of the frequently asked questions is: “Is it necessary to follow a diet while taking Eco Slim?”

Forget diets once and for all. When on a diet, you don’t give your body the right amount of useful minerals and vitamins. The supplement will do all the work for you: it will help you limit pastries, sweets, fatty foods and fast food you consume. Get ready to transform and improve your health!

Beneficial properties of major components of Eco Slim

The dietary supplement is free from synthetic components: it has no emulsifiers or preservatives that are usually contained in most plant products!

  • Guarana extract. Stimulates mental and physical activity, accelerates the metabolism in the whole body! Rich in vitamins and minerals, guarana extract is produced from fresh fruits. It stimulates blood circulation, restores the reproductive and digestive systems, and improves memory.
  • Caffeine and L-carnitine. Improves physical activity and stimulate intensive cell division. Consequently, the metabolism improves, and the skin becomes firmer and tighter.
  • Vitamins. Vitamins B, C and PP are essential for accelerating the metabolism and improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It also improves the function of the urogenital system.
  • Succinic acid. Succinic acid is a detox herbal ingredient that gently cleanses the intestines and blood vessels from the accumulated toxins. After taking Eco Slim for a certain period of time, you will feel an overall health improvement. Fatigue, frequent insomnia and headaches will be gone.
  • Chitosan. Chitosan is a source of fiber and a gastrointestinal adsorbent. It absorbs harmful toxins and flushes them in a natural way through urine. Chitosan is not digested by the gastrointestinal tract. It is removed from the body, taking toxins and fats with it!
  • Forskolin. This substance is extracted from the root of the plant called Forskohlii Coleus. Forskolin stimulates the production of the enzyme Adenylate Cyclase, which improves blood condition, normalizes blood pressure, and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The substance also increases the production of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, which is required for proper functioning of the thyroid gland as well as for fat burning.
  • Fucus. This widely known seaweed contains dozens of useful microelements, vitamins B, A, C, D, E, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur.

Are you ready to enjoy the delicious berry drink? It’s time to get that 24-hour berry energy boost!

Directions for use of Eco Slim

  • You will need 1 tablet to prepare the drink.
  • Mix 1 tablet in 6.8 fl.oz of pure drinking water, you can add ice cubes to quench your thirst in the summer heat!
  • Do you work out? If you do, take 2 tablets a day (one in the morning, and the other one, 30 minutes before your workout)

Important! Don’t forget that the supplement contains caffeine, which increases blood pressure and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. If you exceed the dosage you can get hyperactivity and a nervous system disorder (loss of sleep, irritability). However, caffeine is not a dangerous substance provided you take it in moderation. Take weight loss one step at a time, listen to your body and don’t rush for immediate results!

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, nervous disorders, intolerance to any of the components. In case of a serious cardiovascular disease, liver or kidney disorder, consult a specialist!

Where to buy the original dietary supplement Eco Slim?

Eco Slim is a weight correction product which is not sold in drugstores. It is available in select sports nutrition stores and in a number of online stores. Be careful, don’t buy the supplement from untrusted sellers! In 2019, the number of fake products sold has dramatically increased. The manufacturer of Eco Slim recommends buying the product from the official website and authorized partners.

Our online magazine cooperates with the official supplier. You can follow the link to the official website and get a 50% discount!

Pay for the product only after getting it at the post office. In this manner, the manufacturer protects customers from phishing and online fraud. 1 packaging of Eco Slim contains 10 effervescent tablets, 4 g each.

  • There is no need to make a full prepayment!
  • There is an option of a door-to-door courier delivery.
  • The official site offers great deals and promotions!

What kind of weight loss to expect (before and after)

  • Week one. You will lose a small amount of weight. In this period, toxins, waste and excess fluid will be eliminated from the body. You will gain normalized stool function, acne will start going away, complexion will become smooth and healthy. You will notice an overall improvement in well-being. You will feel the desire to lead a more active life!
  • Week two. The feeling of hunger will be reduced twice, and the number of meals per day will go down to 3 or 4. You will stop eating sweet, starchy and fatty foods because you will lose the craving for unhealthy and junk meals! According to statistics, people lose from 6.5 to 8.8 lbs during this time.
  • Weeks three and four. During this time, the weight will come off steadily, depending on the individual abilities of your body. People normally lose from 0.9 to 1 lbs per day, the condition of the skin on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen improves. The amount of cellulite will be reduced three times!

A tasty and healthy dietary supplement for weight correction!

The fast-acting Eco Slim tablets act within 3 hours, normalizing appetite and stopping false signals of hunger. Physical exercise or dieting is not required during the course of weight loss treatment.

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