Xtra Man Review: Instructions for using gel and results

Xtra Man Review: Instructions for using gel and results

Xtra Man’s instructions describe both the natural and safe pharmaceutical preparation, which in just a month is capable of increasing the length of the male penis by several centimeters. Aside from that figure, the male tool’s thickness increases as well, along with strengthening of potency and orgasms. As a result, application of this remedy absolutely must have an effect not only on the man’s abilities in bed, but also raise his self-esteem and make the man more confident. Xtra Man for men features a property of quick absorption without leaving oil traces. On top of that, it contains no unpleasant smell and doesn’t cause uncomfortable sensations in the form of itching, burning, and coldness.

Xtra Man Review: Instructions for using gel and results

The principle that Xtra Man works based on

One can achieve penis enlargement on account of increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. The effectiveness of applying this remedy is explained by the fact that the caverns, that the cavernous body tissue of the male penis consists of, under the influence of the gel is filled with blood, stretched out, and increased in size. As a result, the diameter and length of the sexual organ itself increase. Meanwhile, the best results can be achieved by applying the gel at the time that the male penis is in “working” condition. Some of the auxiliary substances included in the gel are:

  • Triethanolamine
  • Elastin
  • Protein and amino acid hydrolyzate

Despite that all of these substances are synthetic in origin, they are absolutely harmless.

Using Xtra Man

The penis enlargement remedy is distinguished by its simplicity and ease of application. Furthermore, to apply it, a minimum of time is required. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the desired results, one must adhere to certain rules:

  • Before putting the cream on, it is recommended to perform hygienic procedures. The penis must be thoroughly washed and wiped dry with a clean towel.
  • The producer recommends applying the cream onto the erogenous penis, since it provides a means to strengthen blood flow and forces the cavern walls to expand. The condition of an erection is required to apply the change. This is what the effectiveness of the remedy’s application depends on as well as the end result.
  • Xtra Man is applied in small amounts at the base of the penis, after which in light, massaging motions using the thumb and index fingers it is evenly spread along the entire surface of the organ.
  • As a whole, the procedure of rubbing on the product shouldn’t last longer than 15 minutes, since the success of the cream’s application depends on that.
  • After application, it’s recommended to complete sexual contact in order to allow the cavernous walls to stretch out well and, correspondingly, increase penis size faster and fortify the obtained results.
  • The frequency that Xtra Man gel is to be applied is once a day.

As far as during the application of the remedy, allergic reactions may occur to the substance’s components, one must preliminarily apply a small quantity of the remedy on the inner part of one’s elbow and wait several hours. If no burning occurs, or itching or redness, then you can move on to using Xtra Man gel on your penis.

How the effect is exhibited

The effectiveness of applying any remedy, including the one of interest, in each specific case may differ. This is explained by the individual features of people’s bodies. In the case of Xtra Man gel, the visible results can be observed starting after the second week of use. During this time, the sensitivity of the head improves, erections become lengthier, and the sexual organ itself starts to increase both in length and width. After three weeks, they promise more notable increases in size, acquisition of proper anatomical shape, as well as significant extension of the length of intercourse. After a month of using the gel, the penis grows at least by 3 cm and thickens in diameter. Furthermore, orgasms become more colorful and positive. As a result, the quality of sex improves in general not only for the man, but for his partner as well. The effect from using the remedy bears not a temporary nature, but a long-term one, so repetition of this course isn’t required.

Contraindications and precautions

Since Xtra Man, the reviews on which can be read with different opinions, is manufactured out of natural raw materials, its application must not cause irritation. The only contraindication for using the gel that exists is individual sensitivity to its components. IN order to avoid negative reactions, before using the preparation is preferable to conduct an allergy test via the method described above.

It’s important to take into account that Xtra Man interacts not only with the sexual organ of the man, but also touches the mucous membrane of the woman’s vagina during intimacy. For this reason, it is a good idea to test your partner’s sensitivity to the gel.

Ordering online and cost

Where Xtra Man can be acquired and gel’s price? Advertisements of the gel that’s rocking the internet state that today there exist many fakes of this product. So, it’s recommended to acquire it from the official representatives that guarantee the reliability of the gel and the full anonymity of its acquisition. It’s worth noting that it’s not possible to buy Xtra Man in pharmacies like regular preparations. It’s only sold via the internet. Currently a discount is offered on the gel in the amount of 50%.

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