Flekosteel gel for joint pain

Flekosteel helps you manage pain and heavy physical exertion: a brief description, useful properties and contraindications, ingredients, methods of use and results, and reviews.

What is Flekosteel?

Flekosteel is a creamy balm based on herbs that have a heating and analgesic effect. It can be used for the entire body, externally for joint and muscle pain, improving their mobility, or vice versa – helping to relax. Safe for health, without chemical components, it can be used without the recipe of a doctor, in normal household conditions. The product is certified.

Where to buy Flekosteel and its price?

These are the most burning questions. Because of the fact that Flekosteel is completely new and effective, prices have been inflated! I will say for myself – still this purchase is worth it. Gel relieves pain in joints and relaxes muscles. As a pro bodybuilder, I can recommend for weightlifters after injury, stretch or bruise. 1-2 days and the pain passes, it further accelerates healing and quickly restores. It’s easiest to buy Flekosteel on the Internet.

Flekosteel is definitely worth its money, especially, given the 50% discount on the official website

Properties and benefits of Flekosteel balm

No person can live without movement, but sometimes the movement brings such discomfort that it is necessary to stay at home, possibly lying down. Causes of soreness of muscles or joints are usually as follows:

  • Acute respiratory infections, respiratory infections, colds, etc. inflammation
  • During remission after surgery or prolonged immobilization
  • Pain after intense physical exertion
  • Pain of different nature in the joints, muscles.

All of the above is an indication for the use of Flekosteel for body heating. Balm is quickly absorbed and improves blood circulation in vessels and capillaries (strenuously feeding tissues and carrying away toxins), facilitates discomfort, restores mobility.

It is not harder to use Flekosteel than creams against joint pain: it also does not require prescriptions from doctors, it is easily rubbed into the skin of a troublesome part of the body.

Flekosteel requires regular application, it acts almost instantly and does not require washing off or any other care. This body balm has a warming effect, as opposed to similar creams it contains plant-based ingredients (herbal extracts and essential oils). Ingredients are selected specifically to compliment each other and have a synergistic effect aimed at eliminating pain or discomfort in the body.

Flekosteel may be combined with therapy prescribed by a doctor. For example, combining injections and balm for external use. In addition to treatment, the body care product is suitable as a preventive method, for example, applied to the body before sports training, skiing or skating. By the way, a tube with a balm for the body can always be taken with you and you can use Flekosteel to relieve tension and achieve relaxation.

Contraindications of Flekosteel

Producers directly indicate that people with an individual intolerance to the product should not use it. There are also some categories to whom the use of Flekosteel will not bring healing, these are:

  • children
  • pregnant and lactating women.

It is dangerous to apply a balm with warming effect on the skin that has open wounds (even minor) or damaged areas. Unpleasant burning and discomfort can occur. Avoid contact with mucous tissues and especially eye contact.

Composition of Flekosteel

The main active ingredients in Flekosteel are plant and oil extracts:

  • Spongilla Extract. It is useful for its anti-inflammatory, anti-hematemic and locally irritating (warming) action, it can be found in ointments against bruises and abrasions;
  • Callisia fragrans extract, due to the flavonoids contained in it, has anti- tumor, anti-edema, anti-inflammatory effect. Extract of callisia stimulates metabolic processes and has an anesthetic property;
  • Cayenne pepper oil. A burning substance that always contained in warming ointments against nerve pain, radiculitis, sciatica, inflammatory pains, etc. As part of balm Flekosteel improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect;
  • Fir and Eucalyptus oil. In addition to its pleasant and therapeutic aroma, oils have powerful antibacterial effect, and enhance metabolic processes in tissues. They are also used in both soothing and relaxing ingredients;
  • Ginger essential oil. It has a toning effect on the skin and tissues, strengthens metabolism, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and relieves spasms;
  • Cinnamon essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, enhances blood circulation and neutralizes toxins. Cinnamon oil is a known remedy for rheumatism;
  • Rosemary essential oil. It is an aphrodisiac, but as part of Flekosteel balm has a relaxing effect, improves blood circulation, and relieves pain from overexertion;
  • Soy and corn oil. For soothing the skin;
  • Camphor oil has anti-inflammatory and warming properties. If you’re suffering from a cold or cough, you can rub it on your chest.

Urea and Betaine function as components in Flekosteel. They enhance the effect other ingredients of the body cream, provide better penetration into the tissues. Naturally, in addition to the basic ingredients, there are always auxiliary, for example, water and glycerin in any creams.

Instructions to use Flekosteel

If you apply the Flekosteel for prevention, the use will slightly differ compared to using it for therapeutic purposes. In the instructions for use, manufacturers recommend using a balm once a day, or before an expected increased physical exertion.

To achieve a therapeutic effect, the gel Flekosteel is rubbed into the painful parts of the body up to 3 times a day. The procedure is done by light massaging movements, rubbed in until the balm is completely absorbed. The warm-up effect of the remedy manifests itself instantly, the relaxing effect also comes quickly. In order to cure inflamed tissues it will take several days.

Customer Reviews of Flekosteel

Judging by the number of positive reviews about the warming balm, Flekosteel deserves attention from people with joint and muscle pains. Of course, it’s much more convincing to advertise products with good reviews rather than negative ones. For example, these ones:

Annet, 39 years old

After skiing, I always suffer from pain in the hips. Probably from overexertion, or inflammation. But I never consulted a doctor. Simply applied the well-known creams with camphor, or oils with eucalyptus or rosemary. It helped. Now here comes a new balm Flekosteel with a warming effect. For me, it is now the best: gel quickly relieves pain and relaxes my muscles. But the main thing is that it can be applied all over your body before the ski trip and also the effect stay. As far as the price – the first time I bought it at a pharmacy, it was the most expensive cream. Later found in the online store for much less.

Michael, 45 years old

I suffer from inflammation of the tendons in the feet, and there is nothing better than to warm this place with special ointments. Recently, the doctor recommended I try Flekosteel (it has a lot of herbal ingredients), it has a wider spectrum of action. I liked how long the balm retains its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. I use it even in cold weather, like prevention, to avoid hypothermia of the feet and not get sick again. Of the shortcomings – the cost of tube in 50 ml is too high, it’s good that my son already earns a decent amount himself and helps us.

Alexis, 25 years old

I recently fell on my back when I skated, and seriously hurt it. The doctor recommended Flekosteel – analgesic and anti-inflammatory gel. Indeed, it killed two birds with one stone: cured my back and I stopped coughing. Excellent gel and it’s worth your money!


I want to note that customers immediately loved the new gel and it was useful to millions of people in everyday use.

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