FlyBra – a stylish invisible bra

Finally, an invisible bra, which every woman dreams of, has been created. The French charm merged with the Japanese quality and technology, and the result was the FlyBra! It’s a result of joint efforts by French fashion designers and engineers from the country of the rising sun.

Girls all over the world have been waiting for a silicone bra like that. There are so many outfits and styles that require a beautiful breast shape, but with straps and the back of a regular bra can ruin the whole look. Fly Bra is light, invisible, sticks well to the skin is the invisible bra of the new generation.

The invisible bra makes your breast appear 1-2 cup sizes larger, it improves the shape of the breast and easily creates a seductive neckline.

Pros of the FlyBra

  • Breast shape and size – It solves the problem associated with the complexes about your breast, its shape and size. Visually enlarges your breasts by 1-2 cupsizes.
  • It’s strapless – Forget about the nightmarish shoulder straps and say yes to seductive dresses with open shoulders that will drive all men crazy.
  • Without irritating fasteners – We know that you are tired of snuggling straps, so you can forget about them and rather put on your most favorite and revealing evening dress!
  • One size fits all – The invisibility bra comes in one size size that is suitable for large and small breasts, so the size is not an issue.
  • Black and nude color – Choose a suitable color for the FlyBra, nude, to match your skin tone, almost invisible under the clothes, or black.
  • Durable brassiere – Made of high quality Japanese silicone, FlyBra is easy to clean and does not lose its adhesive properties overtime.

With FlyBra you can wear your favorite, luxurious and seductive outfits

It’s a dream of any woman to look immaculate in the eyes of men. But often we are hampered by complexes and physical defects, especially such as the shape and size of the breast. Some of them can be corrected with cumbersome and uncomfortable bras, but it often does not look very nice, and does not work with all outfits.

In the summer, you want to wear light dresses with open shoulders and back. But those bra straps look so terrible even if they are made of silicone. Picking a bra to fit with summer dresses is very difficult. There were many invisible bras on sale, as well as silicone pads, but their design was imperfect, and the quality Chinese products left much to be desired.

A group of Japanese scientists together with the French fashion house FlyBra have developed a novelty that has become a real revolution in underwear fashion, and has also simplified the lives of thousands of women who chose the Invisible FlyBra.

This bra deservedly receives the highest awards – reviews of satisfied customers, as it has a number of significant advantages over its analogues:

  • High quality of the invisible bra. FlyBra is made of Japanese silicone and French fabric, it’s seamless, will last at least 12 months, guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • FlyBra vs fakes. Beware of cheap offers, widely available online, offering low-quality fakes, analogs and bras that look similar to FlyBra. Most likely you will be sent an item that will have to be thrown out.
  • Shipping and payment. You can order an invisible FlyBra on the official website, with payment due when you receive and inspect the goods.

Advantages of the Bra:

  • Soft and plastic cups that “merge with the skin”
  • Perforation ventilation
  • Push-up in the cups, makes your breast appear 1-2 sizes larger
  • Lacing for shaping your breast and décolleté
  • Improves the shape of your breast
  • Hypoallergenic silicone gel with high stickiness for long-term application to the skin
  • Easy to care for, durable
  • Very light, there is no feeling of tightness, it does not restrict your movements.
  • Invisible, even under the most revealing dresses.

Flybra thanks to its functionality will be your faithful helper for creating the ideal breast shape, while remaining invisible. It is easy to determine the size – when choosing the size, only your cup size (breast fullness) is taken into account. Easy to clean – after removing, wash off the surface with a soap solution and leave to dry with protective foils.

Customer reviews of FlyBra – invisible bra:

Elizabeth, entrepreneur

One brassiere replaces several other models. I once had a silicone one, but it did not have the adjustment, and when I saw FlyBra in the online store, I immediately ordered it. I was concerned it wouldn’t hold the breast of my size, but everything is fine.

Anna, secretary

Compared to similar Chinese bras that I ordered though Aliexpress, there is a noticeable difference, I use it for more than 4 months, sticky properties are still the same, I always wash it with soap after wearing it. I wash it by hand, in cold water, and does not lose its looks and color.

Kate, bank manager

I was waiting for the sale of this bra, and wanted to order from the USA, but didn’t dare. As soon as sales opened in our country, immediately ordered two: beige and black. Even under a thin jersey, the invisible bra is practically invisible, and FlyBra makes a beautiful hollow between the breasts.

Where can I order Flybra?

At the moment, the discount on FlyBra is 50%! To order, you need to go to the official website and fill out the contact form. A manager will contact you to confirm the order. Good luck shopping!

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