Fresh Fingers deodorant foot spray review

It is an antimicrobial deodorant in spray form designed to eliminate the unpleasant foot odour and heavy sweating. Fresh Fingers is an excellent hygiene remedy, especially in the summer. Also, the product helps in the treatment of bacterial and fungal foot infections.

Where to buy Fresh Fingers for best price?

This spray is produced by the cosmetic company Hendel’s Garden. Currently, the products under this brand are sold only directly by the manufacturer. It’s not possible to buy deodorant in the retail network, such as pharmacies or cosmetic stores.

Thus, the company wants to protect its customers from the acquisition of counterfeit or substandard products. Any intermediaries on the Internet are not representatives of the company, and, having bought the products offered by them, you can become a victim of swindlers. Do not risk your health and money – buy the goods only from the official manufacturer at the best price.

Description and useful properties of Fresh Fingers

Human sweat glands develop a special secretion, which is 99% water. The remaining percentage is various salts, acids and ammonia. The sweat itself is odorless, but if the percentage of salt or ammonia begins to increase in its composition, then odor appears. In addition, in the summer people sweat a lot, and it is a favorable habitat for many bacteria. They also cause the appearance of a particular smell.

If your feet smell and sweat excessively, it may be evidence that you have another “guest” on your feet – a fungal infection. You can get it at the pool, sauna, with non-sterile pedicure procedures.

At first you may not even feel any signs of mycosis (fungal infection), but the unpleasant smell will already be felt. At such stages, the disease can be easily defeated using, for example, this product. This remedy is also an excellent auxiliary preparation in the treatment of another unpleasant ailment – hyperhydrosis. It is characterized by increased sweating of the legs and the whole body. The causes of this disease are hormonal disorders, as well as abnormalities in the endocrine system. An excellent local treatment in this case will be deodorant Fresh Fingers.

Even if you do not have any foot diseases, but during the hot season you sweat intensively, this refreshing deodorant will be a good helper for you. Its main function is antibacterial. That is, the remedy is fighting the main cause of an unpleasant smell – bacteria. This means that even in strong heat your feet will remain fresh. In addition, the deodorant is composed of aromatic additives, which will give your feet a light pleasant aroma.

Fresh Fingers is a product for preventing foot skin diseases. The thing is that it destroys the favorable environment for the development of pathogenic microorganisms, creating a protective film on the surface of the feet. Thus, at any time of the year your feet are protected.

In addition, the composition of the product includes plant extracts, which gently take care of the feet. Due to this effect, the skin of the legs will receive the necessary useful substances, will not dry out in the heat and will crack, or peel.

Composition of Fresh Fingers

The main active ingredient of spray is the tea tree oil. It is a powerful natural antiseptic.

Oil contains substances such as terpinene and cineole. They are responsible for the anti-bacterial properties of the extract from the leaves of the tea tree. In general, the beneficial properties of tea tree oil include: antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. Often this substance is used in the treatment of diseases caused by three types of infectious microorganisms: viruses, bacteria and fungi. The later two are present in large quantities on the skin of the feet. Therefore, tea tree oil is an indispensable ingredient for the foot care product.

Tea tree oil is always used only as a topical treatment. In deodorant Fresh Fingers, it is present in the optimum amount so as not to cause skin irritation and to work on the cause of the unpleasant odor.

Also worth noting is the ability of tea tree oil to accelerate the process of wound healing and regeneration. It not only can remove unpleasant or painful sensations, but also disinfect the affected area, establish metabolic processes and, thus, help the skin to recover quickly.

In addition, the composition of the spray includes aromatic concentrates of natural origin, which not only softly affect the skin of the feet, but also give them a pleasant smell and a feeling of freshness.

Instructions for using Fresh Fingers

The procedure for applying the product to the feet is simple and does not take much time. The main condition for achieving a lasting result – it is recommended not to skip the procedure and follow a certain regime.

Here’s how you should use Fresh Fingers:

  • Carefully wash your feet, especially the bottoms and the area between your toes. It is desirable to use soap without perfume, for example, baby soap.
  • Wipe dry with a soft towel the area on which you will apply the product.
  • Shake the bottle and spray in a thin, even layer of deodorant on your feet.
  • Make sure the spray covers the areas between your toes.
  • Wait until the spray dries completely, and then you can wear socks or wear shoes.

It is recommended to apply the product to your feet twice a day – in the mornings before going out of the house and in the evenings after a shower and before going to bed. It is advisable to use Fresh Fingers constantly during the hot season, when sweating is particularly abundant.

Contraindications to the use of Fresh Fingers

In the composition of the spray, there are only hypoallergenic components. Basically it is plant extracts, which do not, as a rule, cause allergic reactions. But there are certain people who are highly sensitive to some plant extracts. They may develop an allergic reaction to Fresh Fingers.

Therefore, before using the product, you should conduct a simple allergy test. To do this, just apply a bit of product to a small patch of skin on your foot or on the inside of your elbow for a few minutes. If after half an hour there is no negative skin reaction, then you do not have allergies, you can safely use the deodorant for the purpose.

However, Fresh Fingers should not be used if you have open wounds on your feet. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor before starting the use this product.

Fresh Fingers reviews

The spray was highly appreciated not only by experts in the field of cosmetology and pharmacology, but also by ordinary users who have tried odor remover themselves. The feedback was mostly positive.

Diana, 25 years old

In the summer, I always suffer from an unpleasant sweat odour. Maybe I have some complexes, but it always seems to me that I smell when I sweat a lot. Although I stick to the rules of hygiene, I bathe often and use antiperspirants. I’ve been able to solve the problem with my armpit with the use of antiperspirants, but what to do with the feet? After I shared my concerns with a friend, and she advised me to try the Fresh Fingers deodorant. Her dad suffered from foot fungus and used this it for refreshment and treatment. I applied the spray several times on my feet – the smell was amazing. And the sensations are pleasant after use – the skin is soft, tender. I also bought it for myself. Somehow unnoticed, I forgot about the problem of sweating. And all that thanks to this deodorant. I started feeling much more confident.

Alex, 37 years old

I have to follow dress code at work, and always wear closed shoes and socks even in the summer. Naturally, this could not but affect the state of my poor feet. It’s a nightmare how they sweat on hot days. When I come home after my shift, the sock are totally wet and very stinky. My wife, seeing my problem, bought me a deodorant for the feet. She said that somewhere on the Internet he read good reviews about it, and the price of Fresh Fingers is quite acceptable. I decided to try it. Despite the fact that I continue to sweat in the heat in my socks and shoes, my feet remain fresh even after a whole working day, and they don’t smell. It’s a very nice spray with a good smell, and I highly recommend it.

To Summarize

Spray Fresh Fingers is the best way to eliminate excessive feet sweating and bad odor. In addition, this product prevents many skin diseases caused by bacteria and fungus.

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