Hendel Varikosette

A product for legs, a treatment of varicose veins. It contains chestnut, ginkgo and hazelnut extracts. This is a cream that will get rid of stiffness (severe leg syndrome) and “burn” unpleasant feelings while improving blood circulation even in the tiniest vessels, prevent varices thanks to balancing effects of troxerutin and herb extracts (chestnut, ginkgo and hazelnut). Another property of this cream is skin irritation removal. Then, it will cool and soften the skin. This will give you more attractive feet. This product is especially easy to use, quickly absorb without leaving any sticky traces.

Varikosette is a special remedy for foot care with herb extracts and troxerutin. Properties of this products are: improving blood circulation in capillaries, dissolving blood clots, nourishing the skin, relieving pain, tiredness and skin irritation. Varikosette is used for skin application like other creams for varicose veins and is quickly absorbed, leaving no trace on the clothes.

Main ingredients of Varikosette

  • Troxerutin (flavonoid). A medical substance used to treat varicose veins. Troxerutin has anti-inflammatory effect, protects the nerves, prevents swelling, strengthens the blood vessel walls and evens the skin color.
  • Chestnut extract: Chestnut extract is capable of nourishing veins, relieving pain and swelling, reducing pressure on vessels, releasing haematoma, enhancing the effects of other ingredients of the medicine.
  • Gingko leaves extract: It has large amount of micro and alkaline elements, alkaloids and flavonoids which have the effects of regenerating, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, nerve protection, prevention of edema in the treatment of vascular diseases;
  • Hazelnuts extracts: contain tannins that produce vasoconstriction and flavonoids that are able to remove inflammation. Hazelnut leaf minimizes capillary permeability and increases the resistance of the veins;
  • Sunflower seed and maze essential oils have softening effect;
  • Urea in Varikosette Cream improves the permeability of other useful ingredients and nourishes the skin;
  • Menthol has a refreshing and relaxing effects and gives the cream a pleasant scent.

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