How to save electricity at home

The first thought that crosses the mind of those who have decided to start saving is how to reduce electricity consumption. Indeed, one can find a substantial amount of mains powered household appliances at home: microwave ovens, kettles, irons, television sets, cookers and much more.

All these things were built to help people and facilitate their lives but as we know very well – there is no such thing as a free lunch. In this case, we are paying huge bills for energy consumption, which sometimes hit hard on the family budget. To date, there are a lot of useful tips on saving electricity.

These suggestions are quite simple, but in order to be efficient they have to be applied daily. You will not only save on energy consumption, but also contribute to solving global problems, such as: reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the environment; decreasing the energy requirements of the country; improving the comfort indoors; saving energy for the future generations.

How to save electricity at home

Proven methods of energy saving

Using energy-saving lamps

One way to save electricity for lighting is the simple replacement of conventional incandescent light bulbs with energy saving ones. Although the later are more expensive they last much longer. Due to the fact that these light bulbs are not heated, the entire energy they consume is spent only on lighting. On average, the service life is of up to three years and the annual savings for a family of three on average amounts to 100 USD.

When using any appliance follow strictly the manual

For example, if you put the refrigerator next to the stove or the heating system, electricity costs will surge, because the device will have to work more to maintain the required temperature. The same is true for those occasions when you put a hot dish in the fridge. Also, don’t forget to defrost regularly the fridge, because ice on the walls of the freezer will increase energy consumption by 15-20 percent.

Leaving the room, turn off the lights

Perhaps this is the easiest rule to follow in order to cut down on electricity consumption. If you feel you cannot rely on your memory, put a note on the front door, reminding you to switch off all lights before going out. This tip is found also to be one of the most efficient.

Wipe the bulbs

Thinking about saving on electricity at home, few ever think about the need to wipe the bulbs. Quite a few ever do that, instead people usually change the dim bulb with a more powerful one. It is worth to know that dust may imbibe to 20 per cent of the light coming from the bulbs. In addition do not forget the lamps.

Redecorate your home

Small refurbishing can help save on the electricity bill. All you have to do is hang some new bright wallpaper and paint the ceiling white. Light walls can reflect up to eighty percent of the rays. The darker the wallpaper, the smaller the light output, with black reflecting only about nine per cent of the light.

Use radiator reflectors

Much of the electricity is used by heaters in the autumn-winter period. To reduce this you can use reflectors made of aluminium foil and foam, mounted behind the heating appliance. With this simple trick you can raise the temperature in the room by 2-3 degrees.

Insulate your room

In addition to all of the above, you can save energy by insulating the premises. Firstly, insulate your windows, fill in the cracks or replace the wooden window frames with more efficient ones — made of plastic. Some 50 percent of the heat can escape through the window. Second, hang some warm dense night curtains on the windows. Thirdly, insulate your front door and the balcony, as well as the floor.

Buy only class “A” household appliances

Modern energy-saving home appliances consume much less energy than others. The difference can sometimes be up to fifty percent. In addition, there are even more efficient classes – A+ and A++. Accordingly, their energy-saving ability is even higher.

Replacing the old electrical wiring

Sometimes, old electrical wiring raises electricity consumption. In this case all you have to do is to replace it, which will not only save you money from electricity, but also will improve fire safety.

Do not leave the appliances in standby mode

TV sets, computers, stereos are actively used for only a few hours a day. During the rest of the time they are left in standby mode, which consumes energy. Respectively, people also think that if they press the button to switch off the appliance, this cuts electricity consumption. Actually, this is not always the case, therefore the more effective solution would be to disconnect the device from the mains.

Energy saving devices

The development of modern technologies created special devices, which help save energy. There is a wide variety of remote and automatic switches, relays, transformers, and other devices. The most popular is Power Factor Saver. This technological wonders were developed specifically to cut down on electricity bills.

Thanks to these devices energy saving becomes 8-10 times more efficient. What they do is to set the time, when the lighting will be switched on. Usually, the timer is limited from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. Moreover these devices are often equipped with a microphone and can be switched on by a specific sound. In the same way you can install twilight switches that will respond to the onset of darkness.

To date, energy saving is not that complex and depends solely on your desire and motivation. In addition to the methods listed above there are myriad other tips, used by people. The most important thing is to keep in mind what you are doing. And if you put into practice all of the tips, you can cut down on your expenses on electricity manifold.

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