Power Factor Saver review 2019

One of them is to buy Power Factor Saver box. This method will absolutely help save energy, prevent overheating of wiring harnesses and prolong appliance life.

Description of the device

Original box, which is plugged into the outlet, will not damage the interior of your apartment. It can be incorporated into any of the outlets in your house. You do not need to have professional skills for this. This device is completely safe. In addition, it will protect short-circuit in the wiring.

Power Factor Saver reduces almost half of your electric bill. You can budget your money by thirty percent on your bill. Additionally, this device can help extend the life of computers, ovens, electric kettles and other appliances running on electricity. An original Power Factor Saver makes it possible to reduce electricity bill by almost half. Minimum saving is thirty percent. In addition, it extends the life of computers, electric ovens, electric kettles and other electric appliances.

How does it work?

Now let me tell you how it works as well as the principle of work and the possibility of verifying its effectiveness. Of course, in physics it is known that the useful energy provides only a constant electric current. However, in fact all the appliances in your house will exactly work from it.

Another curent component is reactive energy, which is practically useless. It appears when both inductance and capacitor operate in the same time in networks. And this condition almost happens in every wiring. For example, televisions have inductance and capacitor as in most other devices.

Besides reactive power component in networks, voltage variations are also frequently happen because of using from the various appliances, possible sparking in the wiring, even lightning strikes. These swings in the network use a lot of energy. Moreover, they often affect on the functions of electrical appliances, lead to overheating wiring, etc.

Power Factor Saver box not only protects your house from voltage variation in networks, but also prevent up to half of the electricity loss that occurs in the wiring. It compensates (absorbs or releases) the reacitve current component which is regulating the operation of all devices. This helps reduce electric demand on wirings and wirings will be less heated.

How to see the results of using Power Factor Saver?

The effectiveness of the device can be seen by carrying out a little experiment. It is better to be done by an electrical engineer. It is necessary to use a special clamp. Make actual measurements of energy consumption at your home.

Measurements are made on the electrical angle of the electric current. First, see the cost of electricity without the device. Then plug the device into a power outlet and calculate the difference.

Of course, it is difficult to see real savings if the test is just done in a short time. Maintain measurements within a month and you will get real savings. Even for a couple of months, your purchase will be profitable.

Where and how to buy Power Factor Saver?

You can buy Power Factor Saver on the online store or through a dial back form below:

Buying on website of the manufacturer will bring a lot of benefits:

  • it often offers discounts, held shares;
  • the manufacturer guarantees fast delivery across the country;
  • you can use the appliance warranty – 24 months;
  • You pay for the goods only upon receipt;
  • if you do not like the goods, you will be paid money back;
  • simply fill out the form on the product page and wait for the call of the operator!

Comments about Power Factor Saver.

More and more people are willing to purchase this device to save energy costs. And there are only positive reviews about this device. That’s what the device holders talk about:

When using Power Factor Saver you do not worry about the bills, in any case, the bill will be reduced by a half, than without it. You can turn on many appliances at the same time, plugs and wires will not be melt.

We tested the ekonor device and realized a real reduction in energy consumption as a result of acquired electricity saving. For more than a year using this device, I have no dout about its advantages. Now, we do not worry about the serviceability of voltage variation in networks, because it will not happen anymore!

When you buy Power Factor Saver, remember that you are not cheating on the government or the electricity supplier. The use of this device is legal, there are not problems with law. You will get a complete set of documents from the official representative in the country. The effectiveness of this device are verified by a lot of Russian people and foreign studies. Buy electricity saving box, you’ll not only pay less, but also extend the life of your appliances.

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