What goals can be achieved with proper and healthy eating?

Food is vital for our body, to put it simple — if you want to live, you have to eat. As a result of this process we receive energy, building material for the regeneration (growth) of our bodies, biologically active nutrients, and a certain impact on the psyche.

Proper nutrition can provide us with health, longevity and beauty. It suggests that the body receives regularly the necessary quantity and optimum ratios of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals and vitamins it needs.

Undernourishment or excessive eating

It can cause temporary inconvenience at first and later become the source of a disease, the reason for premature aging and early death.

Vitamin deficiency affects health, mind and youth significantly more than a number of other reasons. Many diseases are caused by the deficiency of some vitamin. The inadequate amount of minerals is the basic mechanism of aging, as is the process of dehydration. A similar effect on the organism has the imbalance in the diet in terms of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Having said that, we can conclude that it is necessary to have some information about the components of food — what are they, what are the recommended amounts we have to intake and what is their effect. And also it is advisable to understand how the digestive system works, the process of digestion and the assimilation. For example, why is it so important to chew the food thoroughly, what can influence the absorption of nutrients; how can you save your own energy by optimizing your diet, etc.

Also, a healthy diet would provide you with the opportunity to stabilize your weight without enforcing sever restrictions, it would help to get rid of diseases and prevent their further development, it would help you restore your physical and intellectual energy. Simply put, proper nutrition is one of the main ways to good health. And health, in turn, will ensure, first of all, good self-esteem, as well as excellent looks and time to achieve the goals you have set.

Healthy Eating

Nutrition problems

The nutrition problems both on national and global level are very serious. You have to be aware with that and take it into account. The deficiency of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) is related to a number of reasons:

  • Due to reduced physical activity and, consequently, reduced energy consumption, the food intake was cut down dramatically (2-3 times). Now instead of 5000-6000 k cal people consume 2000-3000 calories.
  • From an environmental point of view we have the depletion of soils on the one hand, and the pollution – on the other. As a consequence this leads to a lack of necessary biologically active substances in the food people eat and to the concentration of toxic substances in the body.
  • Modern technologies used in production (pasteurisation, conservation, use of hormones, emulsification, refining, etc.) in all production stages cause loss of minerals, vitamins and other biologically valuable elements. The main purpose of these technologies is to increase the quantity and the profits of producers, but certainly not the quality of the products.
  • High cooking temperature also contributes for the loss of essential nutrients. For example, refining vegetable oils.
  • Ignoring the healthy eating regime, eating on the go, consumption of unvaried food rich on fats and carbohydrates, especially eating plentiful meals late in the evening.

In our country the problems is even bigger compared with most developed countries.

Scientists have found a way to make up for the lack of nutrients — they have developed biologically active additives, which have been successfully used for decades in the major developed countries, such as Japan, the USA and others.

How to eat properly?

To learn how to eat right is not easy — you need a comprehensive approach, you need to gain some knowledge and develop certain habits.

Researchers, experts in nutrition, have developed various theories, concepts and nutrition programs. Unfortunately, we don’t have a uniform theory or concept, but we have the opportunity to study the information, the downsides and the benefits, the principles and the consequences, we can get feedback from others and based on all this we can organize effectively and reasonably our food intake. This is only in case you want to deal with this yourself. Should you need help, you can consult a nutritionist, who will suggest the optimal healthy diet for you.

The best diet will be the one that is selected individually for a specific person taking into account their age, constitution, what diseases they are suffering from, among other factors. Everything is strictly individual.

But to improve your health, to feel good, to preserve your youth and beauty — you must think of what you eat and dig for more information on what to do in order to feel better tomorrow compared to today.

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