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Titan Gel for men is the most effective remedy to increase the size of your penis. A stunning result is guaranteed after 30 days of regular use! Apply the cream once a day before sex and every day, the erection will become stronger due to the intense tide of blood and the sensitivity will be twice a high!

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Where to buy Titan Gel?

There are many scammers offering to sell the fake cream at a lower price. The lowest cost for the original product is for sale on official site. Any other site offering a cheaper price is not offering the Titan Gel original.

Gel isn’t a brand-new material in the mattress world, but recently it has come to be a great deal more prevalent. Titan gel is in the marketplace for I think about a decade or more and there are several satisfied clients. Since product is produced with natural and pure ingredients that help the human body’s libido and boost penis size and performance, there are not any bad side results.

How much does it cost?

Current SALE! Titan Gel price with a 50% discount! Tube volume — 50 ml. Shelf life — 24 months unopened;

Titan Gel instructions

User Manual step by step

Many men ask how to use cream for best results. We provide actual instructions on how to apply Titan Gel correctly. Every man should follow the step by step directions to use special gel for penis enlargement. Otherwise, they may not achieve the desired goal quickly enough, or make any gains whatsoever due to incorrect compliance with this manual. Be careful! Applying instruction & pictures:

How to use Titan Gel?

  1. Before you start the usage

    Make sure that you thoroughly washed the penis

  2. Cover your penis in sufficient amounts of the cream lubricant

    Using Titan Gel is extremely straightforward.

  3. To rich the proper erection state, make smooth movements

    This condition will ensure proper blood circulation, serve as a basis for your future gains.

  4. Take a grip on your penis around the base and do stroking repetitive movements upwards

    It is important that you do it in only one direction to the tip of your shaft, and get a strong erection this way

  5. Do this exercises about 10-15 minutes per session

    You can also use Titan Gel as a lubricant before sex

  6. When you are done, wash the penis with warm water for sustaining high blood circulation – this will ensure the effect of the product

    Continue your penis enhancement exercises 1-2 times per day for approximately 1 month on daily basistitan gel manual

You can find the user manual in each package of the product. It is important to follow the applying tutorial of the gel in order to achieve impressive effects. Using Titan Gel according to the guide steps will help you to increase the penis effectively. It is strongly recommended that you do your daily routine! After 3-4 applications, you will feel a surge of energy and a stronger desire for sex.

You can also find video instructions on how to use Titan Gel. Soon we will publish an actual tutorial with real demonstration of applying the gel for best results in penis enlargement.

Using as lubricant

Product can be applied immediately before sex to improve the sensations. The cream is completely safe and will only improve the intimacy. Please write in the comments how you use Titan Gel or whether you still have questions!

What is the purpose of Titan Gel?

The first results will be noticeable after 2 weeks of use!
Strengthens the erection and prolongs sex.
Boosts the male immune system.
Normalizes the production of testosterone.
An increase of 3-4 cm of the penis without surgical intervention!
Impotence prevention. Gel saturates the genital organs with many useful vitamins and micro elements, that improve male health.

What is Titan Gel made of?

The manufacturer cares for Titan Gel composition. Hendel Inc. adds only natural ingredients to the product, crafting it by a special recipe. The contents of the gel are primarily herbal by origin. Here we put the full list of ingredients for full safety of your experience:
Water has no side effects.
Sodium Polyacrylate — the substance contains no toxic elements and has no major safety risks.
Dimethicone — An emollient. Has no side effects, making it safe to use.
Cyclopentasiloxane — a form of silicon used to help absorb certain substances into the skin. User experience does not report any skin concerns.
Trideceth-6 — a surfactant and emulsifier deemed safe for use by cosmetologists in limited concentrations.
PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone — according to scientific reports, the ingredient has no skin irritation or sensitivity concerns.
Propylene Glycol — this substance is safe to use with the skin.
Poloxamer 184 — toxic in improper amounts. Note that Titan Gel does not contain high enough dosage to cause any harm to the health.
Verbena Officinalis (Vervain) Flower/Leaf Extract — scientists report no adverse reactions with this substance.
Sodium Hyaluronate — insufficient amounts may have irritant properties to the skin in improper amounts
Product consists of naturally occurring compounds, all confirmed safe by research.

What is the side effects of Titan Gel?

Some ingredients may cause mild allergic reactions. Make sure that you follow the instructions. 12 months once opened. The cream is absolutely safe for the body because it is made of oils, plant extracts, and bio active substances of natural origin — no artificial ingredients. It is made from organic herbs, so it can not generate any real side effect beyond a simple allergy that the user has towards any of the ingredients.

How long does the Titan Gel effect last?

Expert say that after the completion of a one-month course, the effect lasts for at least 6 months, typically up to 1 year. But, if you do not have sex for weeks, the results will quickly go away, since the main muscle will weaken, and the cavernous and spongy tissue will not get an adequate amount of blood.

Is Titan Gel available in mercury drug?

You will not find it in pharmacies or stores either, due to limited production

What is the benefits of Titan Gel?

1 Week. Participants noted increased sensitivity and more erections.
2 Week. Participants noted sexual intercourse was lasting almost twice as long. This effect is achieved due to the intensive inflow of blood to the genital organs, as well as the toxin removal stimulation, that has built up in over 80% of men over age 30.
3 Week. Participants noted an increase of 1-2 cm of the penis. The cream normalizes blood flow through the vessels, increasing elasticity and strengthening the muscle tissue of the penis.
4 Week. Participants noted a final increase of 3-4 cm within 1 month. These results were experienced by 97% of the participants.

Where to buy original Titan Gel?

Titan Gel is sold online and can be located on the official site of the manufacturer. The original product is made only in the form of a cream for external application only. On the Internet, you can find offers of Titan drops or thick ointments, but these are fakes. Product produced for sale only in a cream-gel form, with a pleasant smell.

How to Check Titan Gel Original?

Product gives you additional anti-inflammatory effect. It has become one of the hottest selling items on eBay. It is sold online and can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

Does Titan Gel really work?

Many people argue that increasing the penis with the help of a cream is unrealistic. In fact, the Titan Gel cream truly works thanks to a unique combination of muscle-strengthening components that increase blood circulation. Russian and German specialists worked on finding a non-surgical intervention for four years. To understand the underlying principles of the cream, you need to understand how the penis works.

The male genital organ consists of a cavernous and spongy body. These soft tissues change their size due to blood circulation, voluntarily or involuntarily. When aroused, the cavernous soft tissue becomes filled with blood and increases 3-8 times in size. To increase the size of the penis, a strong blood flow to the genitals is required at the time of erection. Titan Gel accomplishes this, while also improving micro circulation of oxygen, increasing the sensitivity of the nerve endings. As a result, within 1 month, you can add 3-4 cm to your penis (the final results depend on specific to the characteristics of your body!)

original Titan Gel

The effectiveness has been confirmed by studies conducted in Germany, USA and Sweden, as well as objective reviews provided by men who have used the cream themselves.

Titan Gel reviews

Many customers who have tried penis enlargement gel say that they are having more sex, their partners are getting more pleasure, and it is increasing their libido. The increase in the penis averages from 1.5-3 cm, which indicates the quality of the product. Check the testimony below:

titan gel testimonials
Titan gel testimonials: comments from forums

I am a grown man whose background stems from a country in Asia, and while I love my homeland for all it gave me, my Asian genetics left a mark to a very delicate area in my body image. As a result, my ability to fully satisfy women was not sufficiently up to my expectations, and that was a huge disappointment to me. I’ve yet to have found the right one, and I strongly believe that satisfying sex life is an integral part to healthy relationships. Thankfully, I discovered this wonderful product called Titan Gel, which I have been using daily in strong accordance with the provided manual, and can you believe it, I have actually managed to gain 3 centimeters already, and it’s only been just a little more than a month! I also suspect that I grew in the girth department, too. On this excited note I can confidently recommend this product to any man who values his ability to be truly potent in bed, and I am looking forward to more future gains!

Nguyen, 24

I remember the first time it happened to me, the excruciating sensation slowly resonating in my whole body, the feeling of inadequacy mixed with a taste of horror of realizing the prospect of living my entire life with this curse. Many of you readers probably know what I am talking about, being born a man with a small penis. The girl simply laughed at it, this is ridiculous! Should I mention that it really shattered my confidence for a long time, right until I discovered this magical Titan Gel thing that I bought right off the bat, and did not regret a single penny I invested. When I first received the mail, I was really anxious about its claimed capacities, but great news for y’all men in the same boat — in just about a month, it started feeling tight in my pants, and rightfully so, as I gained as much as 4 centimeters already. Such progress! I am thinking of reapplying to college — you know how fun life is in campuses 😉

Joshua, 27

I must confess, I was never really much of a sex machine, and God wills it, I married a woman who demands sexual contact in just too many perverted ways. Being a good husband, I tried to satisfy her desires to most of my humble ability, and frankly, I always had a feeling that she had contacts outside our marriage. Our relationship was at stakes. Back then, the thought of my wife leaving really saddened me. Thank heaven I found Titan Gel on the Internet which I ordered online, and in two mere months I started witnessing a true miracle every morning as this product helped me grow demonically large, very soon swiftly making my male function strong, and my beloved wife content. We are planning to have many beautiful children!

Adam, 32

Titan gel results with before and after pictures

Expert opinions about Titan Gel

The manufacturer sent Titan Gel to 10 clinics for testing to get real feedback from doctors. In fact, experts are confident that the cream can provide the desired results with regular use and confirm the quality of the ingredients of the cream.

In 2019, Titan Gel went on sale in 11 countries following the announcement of the clinical trial results. Product research was conducted in Russia, USA, Germany, and Sweden, with over 100 volunteers participating at each laboratory. The testing took place during a span of 30 days. Participants presented with a penis of length 7.5 to 9.5 cm while non-aroused.

Pay attention! The cream will not give an immediate effect. For the desired results, you must follow the 4-week regimen. In some cases, the regimen will need to be extended.
Titan Gel 5 cm

A painless way to add 3-4 cm to your penis!

Titan Gel has been popular with men for several years now! The gel has a beneficial effect on the sexual system — it stimulates the saturation of the cavernous body with 2-3 times more blood, which normalizes the urinary system, relieving pain and uncomfortable feelings. By improving blood circulation, the musculature of the genital organs increases. Thus, after a month of regular usage, the organ can increase by 3-4 cm!

Generally, gel is regarded as amongst the most durable materials utilised in mattresses today.

We will be happy to hear feedback from users in the comments!

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