UpSize cream for breast augmentation

The cream UpSize for breast augmentation is an opportunity for women to enlarge and tighten their bust without resorting to surgical interventions. There are no contraindications and minimal effect on hormones, making this suitable for any woman. In just a few weeks, you will be admiring your beautiful breasts.

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Description and Purpose of UpSize cream

The most common breast size in women is the B size. There are many ladies with A cups as well. Usually, women with these breast sizes view them negatively. They try to solve their problems by buying bras with additional padding, which creates the illusion of bigger breasts.  But it is not easy for a woman with an A cup to be naked in front of a companion.

Breasts generally begin forming around the age of 9 for girls. Growth completely stops around the age of 18. The volume and shape formed by this time generally remains with the woman for life.

Even if the size is suitable, there are several situations that can affect the shape of the breast negatively. Some of these situations include pregnancy, lactation, hormonal surges, rapid weight gain or loss, illicit drug usage, and so on. As a result, the bust sags, becoming soft and flabby.

Where to buy UpSize cream?

UpSize cream was developed by Hendel’s Garden, a leading cosmetic company, after several years of scientific research. European women quickly evaluated the positive results of this remedy.

You will not find this cream in a pharmacy or store. It can be ordered exclusively on the manufacturer’s website.

UpSize composition: what are the ingredients?

The ingredients have a rejuvenating and uplifting effect. In addition, they contribute to the erasure of stretch marks, which cause a lot of frustration for young mothers after lactation. All of this without harm to the body or altering your hormones, since the cream is almost completely herbal.

During development of this innovative drug, scientists built on the useful properties of each ingredient. It was especially formulated to prevent hormonal changes or harm to the female body.

The ingredients of UpSize cream include:

  • Rose essential oil. This oil produces a supple and taut effect to the skin of the breasts. This has a protective effect, preventing future appearances of stretch marks
  • Deoxymiroestrol. This ingredient is aimed at slowing the aging process and stimulating new growth and rejuvenation.
  • Pueraria mirifica. This ingredient provides the necessary nutrition for the skin cells and glandular breast tissue. In addition, this plant blocks the negative impact of external factors that cause the premature aging of the skin.
  • Rhizoma anemarrhenae. This constituent element of UpSize cream improves circulation in the chest and prevents blood clots. It also serves as an antioxidant, fighting against free radicals that can provoke cancer.
  • Macadamia oil. This oil is a monounsaturated palmitic acid, which is naturally present in human skin. This oil cares for the tender female breast, actively moisturizing, nourishing, softening, and improving blood microcirculation.
  • Shea butter. This ingredient actively softens and protects, by activating the synthesis of collagen. The oil helps to slow the aging process and protect from dehydration.
  • Jojoba oil. This ingredient provides all day moisturizing and helps to normalize the production of sebum.
  • Vitamin E. This ingredient is a powerful retarder of the aging process. It improves blood circulation and helps to regenerate tissue, especially in places where there are stretch marks or scars.

It is these basic ingredients that make up the unique formula of UpSize cream, which quickly increase and improve the shape of the female bust.  

how to use UpSize cream

Instruction for using UpSize to increase breast size

Before immediate use, it is imperative to test for an allergic reaction to the cream to avoid any unpleasant experiences by using a larger amount. Carefully read the instructions. They are written very simply to be easily understood.

To receive the maximum effect, it is highly recommended to adhere to the instructions and the results will come in short time:

  • Attention should be taken to ensure the skin in the decollate area is carefully cleaned.
  • Dry the breast with a soft, stroking movement with a towel.
  • Take a small amount of UpSize cream and apply it on the right breast. Lightly massage the cream into the skin in a circular motion until completely absorbed by the skin. On average, this takes 10 minutes.
  • The same should be done with the left breast. Do not hurry. The massaging of the cream should not be accompanied by unpleasant or painful sensations.
  • The next step is to massage both breasts. Light movements around the nipples are recommended, for approximately 5 minutes, to stimulate the glands.
Instruction of UpSize application

This procedure should be done twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The results of UpSize cream differ individually. Some women see the effect in a week, others need a month to see an increase in size. The manufacturer guarantees an improvement in your bust within 30 days. Your breasts will be larger, more rounded, and voluptuous to the touch.

Real reviews of UpSize cream

Although UpSize is a recent arrival to the market and is only sold through the Internet, it has become quite popular. Across the net, you can find lots of positive reviews about UpSize, which are the best confirmation of its effectiveness.

Diana, 43 years old

When I was younger, I had a magnificent bust. However, over time, as a result of age-related changes, my breasts have lost their former elasticity. I began to notice my breasts were sagging and losing their shape. Now a deep décolletage was a taboo for me. I had two choices: to accept the situation of my age or to take advantage of modern beauty technologies. But, alas, I found a third option – UpSize cream. It was like magic. Within three weeks, I noticed that the skin on my breasts was more elastic, the wrinkles were disappearing, and it started to remind me of my youth. My bust was fuller and tighter. My friends and colleagues noticed the changes. My girlfriends still cannot believe the results of this cream. I highly recommended it to them.
UpSize result

Anna, 24 years old

Since childhood, I had been known for my magnificent bust but also considerable weight. When I became an adult, I put a lot of effort into shedding weight and miraculously lost 20 kg in 20 months. Unfortunately, this had quite the negative effect on my breasts, which were now saggy and had lost their beautiful shape. Of course, this depressed me incredibly. To make my breasts look better, I used corrective undergarments. My mother, knowing about the problem, bought me UpSize cream and gave it to me as a birthday present. At first, I was angered by such a gift, but after a couple of weeks of using the cream, I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards my mother. My breast health was improved and they became elastic and taut. Their dimensions returned and now both men and women stare at me; men with lust, and women with envy!
UpSize effect

Useful Properties of UpSize cream

The decollate area for a woman is a special part of the body. It is this area that attracts men’s views first. Therefore, caring for this area of the most important tasks for women.

There are many cosmetic products for breasts, but only UpSize cream combines all of their useful qualities. Among them:

  • Moisturizing the skin and starting the process of rejuvenation;
  • Stimulating glandular tissue, which leads to an increase in breast volume without disturbing the hormonal background;
  • Treatment of the skin, resulting in velvety and tender skin.

In addition, among all of the useful properties of UpSize, perhaps the best improvement is the psychological state of the woman, helping her to remove negativity towards herself. As a result, the woman becomes more relaxed and self-confident, helping her to improve her personal and professional life.

Possible Negative Consequences of Plastic Surgery

  • Improper placement of the implant. This can lead to a slanting of the breast or unnatural shape.
  • High probability of the body’s immune system rejecting the implant as a foreign body. This can cause severe pain and further worsen the condition of the breasts.
  • Scars and inflammation.
  • Inability to partake in many medical procedures and examinations.
  • Risk of proliferation of connective tissue.
UpSize result photo

These consequences make UpSize cream a godsend for women. Due to its unique formula, women are able to obtain significant increases in their bust size and improvement in shape without pain nor surgical interventions.

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